www.ETSY.com with clothes patterns & baby shower invitations boy and girl online


Etsy.com is not the usual run of the mill shopping website. This site has some really amazing and unique products, a vast number of which are handmade. The website gives people the option to buy and to sell, and has very different values from the generally consumer driven sites. Etsy is about authorship, it is about creativity and about giving back power to individuals and small businesses. The website is artistic and fun, with a gallery where surfers can create their own virtual products and browse through existing ones, Esty has a member curated product list that is always changing and constantly poping up with newer, more exciting products.

Etsy has a lot to offer, their sea of products range from aprons to leg warmers to beautiful hand made quilts. Perfect for unique gifts and exquisite, vintage style collectibles, Etsy has some of the most funny and creative products, from lego cufflinks to peacock headbands for babies, this site has products that will really surprise and delight those who shop here. The site allows people to showcase their creative products and sell them here after setting up an account and going through a simple verification process.

The website offers a blog to its members as well as a community that has online labs, a forum for all members and teams within the Etsy community. The site is quite user friendly, easy to browse through and simple enough to use. The site recognizes each person’s authorship and each person selling is treated like a shop. The site gives rights and privileges to its owners that make it quite attractive for small businesses and individuals and the colorful products and diversity of the site makes this quite obvious.

Etsy is definitely an experience full of colorful shopping and selling. Clicking on a product allows viewers several up-close and personal pictures of the product, along with other products by the same shop or individual. Definitely the place to shop for some unique and out of this world stuff.