www.Live.com with login and email settings online


The website live.com is Microsoft's Windows Live homepage, providing access to Hotmail email accounts, the Windows Live Messenger program, MSN news and entertainment and Skydrive, Windows Live's online document storage system. The site operates differently depending on whether you are a new visitor or are signed in with a current account.

For those visitors who already have a hotmail or live account, when signed in, the site offers a number of features. First, it will give a highlights section of your latest emails in your inbox. This can be useful as it draws your attention to new emails. Below this there is a box that prompts you to connect your other social networking accounts for a truly integrated dashboard where you can monitor all your feeds and messages. Following this is a feed of live.com related activity, typically new statuses or photos. Secondly, current users can use this hub to sign on to Microsoft's popular instant messaging program, Windows Live Messenger, and view who is online. There is also a News headline section where visitors can skim titles of the day's leading news stories.

For those visiting the site who do not have a current Windows Live account, users will be prompted to sign up for one. Whether or not an email account is needed, the Windows Live account can be useful just in order to access the features described above or to use the site as a hub with which to integrate your feeds. For all users, the Skydrive component, Windows Live's cloud computing offering provides the ability to store a range of document types and sizes online for easy retrieval from any computer around the world. This in itself may be a good reason to sign up for a Windows Live account.

Old subscribers and new arrivals alike will find their visit to www.live.com to be informative and entertaining. The hub or portal as some may call it, offers users hands on control of communication, documents and news.


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