www.KongreGate.com with games like kingk dream world & kixeye backyard monsters


Kongregate.com is a major repository of free video games and gaming tutorials on the web, offering a catalog of thousands of browser-based games. Avid video game fans will find a wealth of games that suit their gaming needs on the site. Kongregate.com's game categories include Action, Adventure, Music, Sports, MMO & MMORPG, Puzzle, Shooter and many more. The games at www.Kongregate.com can be accessed from virtually any computer, laptop or netbook with an internet connection, and can also be played on Android mobile phones via the Kongregate Arcade mobile phone app.

National video game retailer GameStop owns www.Kongregate.com, offering an additional bonus to playing games on the site. Gamers can link their GameStop PowerUp Rewards loyalty accounts to their Kongregate.com accounts and gain PowerUp Rewards points by earning badges while playing games and from buying Kongregate.com's virtual currency, known as Kreds. Visitors to Kongregate.com can take advantage of its rich community features. They can take part in the community by communicating with like-minded individuals within the forums or the countless chat rooms that are available. Visitors can also browse through the many computer art and music samples provided by artists and musicians who have chosen to share their creations with the vast Kongregate.com community.

Game developers can find useful resources within Kongregate.com's Developer Center. Developers can benefit from Kongregate.com's promotion and marketing services in addition to earning revenue from the games they have hosted on the site. The Developer Center on Kongregate.com also offers game creation assistance and tools to help both novice and experienced game authors alike. Additionally, Kongregate.com offers downloadable content by way of embedded games. The Games For Your Site link leads to a huge list of Kongregate.com sponsored games available for download. By simply choosing a game from the list and copying the code provided, website and blog authors can enhance their sites by embedding games on their existing blogs or sites. Offering something for everyone, Kongregate.com is friend to players, game developers and website authors.


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