www.Baidu.com is a search engine like google for chinese


At first glance, Baidu.com will strike the average netizen as a Chinese version of the popular search engine Google. Sporting bright colors of red and blue with a paw print on its logo, Baidu.com offers a variety of search services. From images, audio files, encyclopedia, websites, and forums, Baidu helps users search through multiple knowledge bases. Searches are, of course, in the Chinese language and key-word based. Established in 2000 by Eric Xu and Robin Lu, Baidu.com recently ranked as 5th in the overall Alexa internet rank listings. Baidu is also known for being the first to offer a WAP or Wireless Application Protocol to Chinese netizens. Another first that Baidu has offered to China is the PDA or Personal Digital Assistant searches or mobile search.

Structured very much like Google, Baidu also offers a Baidu Map. You can search for locations and directions. Other services include the Baidu Post Bar, the Baidu News, Baidu Image Search, Baidu Video Search, and the Baidu Encyclopedia. The Baidu Knows service is well known for its ability to provide registered Baidu members specific questions to various questions. It is basically a searchable query-based community where users can interact and share knowledge or question-and-answer interactions.

Rising to popularity, www.baidu.com continues to upstage itself with a multitude of new features. The company likewise offers a social networking service under Baidu. Baidu Space allows registered users to create their own page, much like MySpace or Facebook. The Baidu Encyclopedia is considered today as the largest online encyclopedia in China when it comes to website traffic. Other services offered by Baidu are search ranking, web directory, postal code search, government information search, legal search, educational website search, patent search, games, statistic search, entertainment portal, dictionary, antivirus, Internet TV, index, bookmarks, and browsers. Another interesting feature is the Baidu Love where the site allows registered members to send messages and generally interact with their loved ones. A smartphone operating system was also recently developed by Baidu and it was called Baidu Yi.


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