www.FEMA.gov with flood plan and insurance rate maps online


The website www.fema.gov serves as the official informational and contact point for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA is a federal agency with the mission of coordinating national preparation and response to disasters. While FEMA is best known for their tactical response to widespread emergencies, they also provide a comprehensive website (with mobile capabilities) which provides a wealth of information regarding the organization and its ongoing efforts.

On fema.gov, citizens are able to access important information to help them prepare for disasters ranging from volcanos to floods to nuclear power emergencies. This information includes instructions of emergency supply kits and shelters, as well as comprehensive step by step instructions for what to do in the event of an emergency situation. Information is sorted and accessible by disaster type as well as by state.

Another section of the FEMA website provides updates and resources for those who have been victims of disasters, such as recent weather emergencies. Helpful resources in this section of fema.gov include links where affected individuals can learn about and apply for disaster relief aid, such as emergency housing assistance and access to necessary food staples. The website www.fema.gov also provides important real time information, such as maps of federally declared disaster areas, severe weather updates, and the current status of response and recovery operations. It provides a central hub for those impacted by disasters to access timely, accurate, and relevant information.

A section of www.fema.gov also caters to media inquiries, with recent news and press releases indexed by date. Site users can also contact FEMA directly through links on the site. With a comprehensive breadth of disaster preparation, relief, and recovery information, fema.gov should be a citizen's first resource in the event or threat of an emergency situation.


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