www.EEOC.gov with compliance manual age discrimination info online


The U.S. Equal Opportunities Commission website at eeoc.gov is a descriptive location to find out the latest on topics surrounding employment and employment issues. There are several sources of information posted clearly for the reader to review. The most recent highlights of discrimination laws are listed with descriptions for their coverage. The current news is listed with highlights of the most recent outcomes and laws. They are hyperlinked so that then can be reviewed easily.

There are also cases for currently litigation in the world of employment and discrimination. The site gives opportunity for individuals to file claims that deal with employment discrimination. There are easy to navigate locations for employers who have questions as well as employees. There is also clearly labeled contact information that facilitates locating your nearest office or via email or phone.

The site is clearly informative to prospective and current employees who need information about the EEOC and how an individual would go about filing a claim. They break the process down into smaller units that help people find the information they need quickly. It also has very clear descriptions and definitions about the types of employment discrimination. This helps employees understand the exact nature of the discrimination laws in place to protect them. The site gives clear information about how to file a claim or a lawsuit if the employee wishes to pursue a case of discrimination in the place of employment.

The EEOC site gives straightforward information to employers to help them stay current on the prohibited practices and employment laws that would affect their business. It is clear that there are many circumstances an employer should be aware of that can lead to a potential case of discrimination. The site gives a description of each type of discrimination and a link to read about each kind.


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