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Everything you need to know about the Jehovah's Witness religion is here at jw.org. Being an organization this authorized website represents the Worldwide Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses or WAJW. Made with the people from Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York this site offers free downloads of audio recordings and digital publications. Audio recordings and digital publications are magazines, books/brochures and parts of the bible. More audio recordings available are music, bible readings and dramas. All of these can be downloaded in MP3 and AAC format for audio and for publications it's PDF and EPUB format. Subscribe to their podcast with RSS feed. Search for conventions in the lookup tab.

Click conventions on the sidebar and search to your heart's content. The website can be translated into any language by pressing the language link at the top right. Using your chosen language will let you use and enjoy every inch of the site as much as other languages. Speaking of languages WAJW reaches out to sign language speaking people. Choose the country and sign language. Pick a bible book, a chapter, a format (M4V and WMV) and download. Click the help link next to the language menu to get the most from this site. The Jehovah’s Witnesses Online Help page allows you to read everything from navigating through the website to downloads. There is information about audio recordings, digital publications and sign language.

Learn how to search for conventions worldwide. Grasp how to create a new account and how to log in. Print anything on the help page for personal use. On the homepage it offers similar official websites for even more information on the religion. The whole website can be accessed with your desktop or mobile phone. Every Jehovah’s Witness needs to check out this site at www.jw.org.


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