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iFeng.com is a Chinese website dedicated to giving its readers the accurate coverage of the world’s current events. The website covers all genres of news. Politics, military, sports, and fashion are only a few topics that are discussed on Fenghuang Wang. Much of the draw to iFeng.com is based off the abundance of current news on the website, but this is not all the website has to offer. A section of the website is dedicated strictly to historical events. The combination of news and history allows its readers to stay current while simultaneously receiving a history lesson.

In addition to offering news briefings and articles, the website also features an extensive video and podcast library. The video library is full of news cast segments, on the scene reporting, and action shots. Additional video footage can be found in the “Documentary” section. This special section is home to hundreds of informative short films. Much like the rest of iFeng.com, the documentary section covers a broad spectrum of topics. Keeping with the trend on the rest of iFeng.com, the podcast directory also covers many topics such as shocking human interest stories to clips of user submitted music.

iFeng.com, which can be found at www.iFeng.com, is a user friendly website. The layout of the website makes navigation quick and easy. Information is presented in a clean and organized manner. The news stories are to the point and well researched. The reporting on iFeng.com is sourced back to credible newscasters -- many of whom hold degrees in journalism and communications. The reliable reporting is part of the Phoenix Television company. Based in Hong Kong, Phoenix Television is a privately owned news broadcast that covers all of China and extends its reach to a handful of surrounding areas.


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