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EBT Edge is the website that is associated with public assistance you get from your state. Because these benefits no longer come in stamp form anymore, at www.ebtedge.com you can view your information in a quicker fashion. This has saved several people time and money to check their balance online. It saves them from having to call the phone number attached to the card benefits or searching for the last receipt from your trip to the grocery store.

Check Balances-
On the EBT Edge website, you can check your food stamp balance, your Temporary Assistance for Low Income Family benefits as well as look up the dates that your benefits will be applied each month. Understanding the process when you are a new user of these benefits is very helpful. You can get answers to frequently asked questions about your balances as well.

Review Transactions-
On the website, you can review your transactions so that you can see everywhere and every time your card has been used. If you have any issues with a transaction on your card, you can call the number provided to dispute the charges.

From time to time, news items such as system changes to the website and any kinds of information from your case worker can be read in the news section of the website. This is very helpful for people that may be waiting on information about their case, paperwork that has been turned in and any other issue that you may be waiting to hear about.

Pin Selection-
Sometimes, you may have to change the pin on your card so that you can use it again. Some people do this because they have forgotten what it is; others do it because they may suspect that someone used their card without their knowledge. Whatever the reason, changing your pin number is easy on the EBT Edge website.


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