www.DadeSchools.net is the student portal with login and wiki online


dadeschools.net is the official website of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. It offers information to parents and residents about the Miami-Dade County Schools. This is beneficial for prospective and current parents, as well as taxpayers. Information on No Child Left Behind, applications for free and reduced lunches and a 5 year capital plan can be located on this website. Information about individual schools, boundaries and school calendars can also be located here. Contact information for administrators, principals and teachers can be found by visiting this website. The information on this website serves: students, parents, employees and the community.

Current teachers and school district employees can access their benefits and enroll in retirement and medical coverage. Current employees are able to manage their benefits and view their pay stubs online. Prospective teachers and educational assistants can browse open positions and gather information about the district. Information and paperwork regarding the application process can be downloaded and submitted.

Parents may use the "parents" tab to locate a toolbox, resources and enter the parent portal. Personal information and passwords are required to gain access to this portion of the website. This section provides invaluable insight to their child's grades, school policies and schedule. Parents can also gather information about vaccinations clinics, becoming a school volunteer or getting involved with the PTA. These resources can help parents understand how their children are doing at school and become more involved in their lives. Parents can find answers to some of their frequently asked questions by accessing the information located in this section of the website.

Resources regarding adult education, job training and alumni relations can be located by accessing www.dadeschools.net as well. This information is helpful to parents, students and community members. This website contains vital information to serve all members of the community. Contact information and dates for important events in the community can be located through this portion of the website. School volunteer, blood drive and United Way information can be located by clicking the "community" tab.


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