www.Citibank.com has online banking with login and signin

credit online banking

Citibank offers online banking, money management tools, and twenty-four hour customer service through its website, www.citibank.com. Citibank customers can manage and monitor their checking accounts, savings accounts, student accounts, and others directly from the website. They can transfer funds, pay bills, and view bank statements online. Citibank loan services are also available. Customers will find mortgage help and information on citibank.com. A mortgage calculator is offered to help potential home buyers determine what size of loan they can afford. Rates and home values are also listed. Whether the customer is buying a new home or refinancing an existing loan, they can apply online.

The Citibank credit card tool allows customers to find the credit card that best fits their lifestyle by filtering search results based on personal choices. For example, a user can search for a business use credit card with travel rewards and no annual fee. The credit card finder will return a list of all Citibank credit cards that meet these criteria. If there are no matches, the finder will show the closest match. The customer can then choose to apply for the credit card online.

Citibank investment services provide tools to help customers manage their full scope of investments online. Citibank.com customers can choose funds for their portfolio, manage insurance policies, set up and contribute to IRAs, place trades, and check balances at any time. Citibank customers that manage their portfolios online can take advantage of professional investment services at a Citibank branch or over the phone. Users can find a summary of the recent financial activities and get stock quotes by symbol from the Investment section. Citibank.com customer service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A customer needing assistance with online banking may call the Citibank hotline or send a secure email message. Frequently asked questions, forms and documents, video demos, and a glossary of terms are also posted in the help section of the website.


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