www.Drugs.com with pill identifier and reviews online


www.drugs.com is a website, based in the United States but also with UK and international databases, that contains all kinds of information on prescription drugs. Their home page is highly structured: The top element is an alphabetical list of all the drugs available, which can also be searched for "phonetically" or browsed by class, consumer, professional, or natural products. Under "classes," for instance, one finds analgesics, antifungals, benzodiazepines, glucocorticoids, interleukins, medical gas, psoralens, skeletal muscle relaxants and others. Under each category is contained a list of drugs of that kind, giving the following information about each: its brand name, its generic name, the number of reviews it has received, and its rating by customers (more on the last two below).

By clicking on the drug name, one can find what types of conditions it is used to treat, when to avoid using it, and what information to give one's doctor or pharmacist if given a prescription for the drug, as well as what questions to ask. It is also possible to click on "Pro" to get information about the drug that is relevant for health care professionals, and on "More" for links to other pages in the site that tell about it. The visitor to the site can also click on the number of reviews to see what customers and professionals have to say about a medication, and can give his or her own rating.

Elsewhere on drugs.com, one can click on "side effects," "dosage," "pregnancy," and other categories, to find out what data on them is relevant to specific drugs. Under each is given, not only an alphabetical listing of medicines, but also a list of the top 20 searches for that category. And there are apps available, many of them on sale at iTunes. These include the pill reminder My Pills (available "for a limited time only"), ePMR (Personal Medication Record), and the highly expensive Drug Reference for Consumers.


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