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Www.drudgereport.com. is a gathering of multiple news sources in one convenient, user friendly site. Delivering the most up to date news on politics and entertainment, this site is famous for being the first to report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal as well as many other "firsts." The Drudge Report covers many topics not widely discussed in the main stream media.

Founded by Matthew Drudge, currently residing in Miami, Florida, this site had it's humble beginnings as a weekly subscriber-only e-mailing known as "The Report." It has grown in popularity, and now boasts millions of viewers daily in it's new form, The Drudge Report. Matthew Drudge is a conservative who describes himself as a populist and libetarian in his politcal leanings. He has a syndicated Sunday Night talk show and has authored a book, "Drudge Manifesto." Matthew Drudge himself will write an occasional article on the site, but he has multiple columnists who contribute daily.

Www.drudgereport.com is composed of headlines listed in hyperlink form that connects visitors to multiple news agencies in the United States such as Associated Press, ABC and Rueters, plus multiple international news sources. The Drudge Report boasts a real time newsfeed, updates on Twitter, and access by mobile browser at iDrudgeReport. It additionally offers local news and weather by zipcode, a place to report news tips, and timely captivating photos. The site itself has remained virtually unchanged since it was founded by Drudge in 1997 with an easy to navigate set-up; three columns of news links, individual links to media sources, and links to it's many individual columnists. Visitors to the site will find some article headlines listed in red; this denotes news of particular importance or interest. The Drudge Report is updated several times daily, ensuring the reader receives the most comprehensive and up-to-date news delivery possible. The Drudge report is notable in that it delivers headlines without speculation or opinion; the reader is simply directed via hyperlink to a news article already released.


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