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The Carmax.com website offers almost all of the perks a buyer would get if they visited the lot in person. It allows visitors to browse new or used cars, vans, or trucks hassle-free and pressure-free. Many people dread going car shopping because car salesmen have a reputation for being disreputable crooks, but by using www.carmax.com users bypass the shopping game and get straight to the car buying. There is no price negotiation because the price seen on the website is the actual price of the vehicle.

As with most car websites, Carmax.com is user-friendly, allowing for searches to be determined by user locality, by searching with the user's zip code, or by year, make, or model of the desired vehicle, but two other criteria that the Carmax website allows users to search by are features and MPG. The features criteria lets users browse cars with specific features like anti-lock brakes, power windows or locks, or passenger airbags. The MPG criteria, allows users to search vehicles according to their fuel efficiency. Once a selection has been made, users are encouraged to visit their nearest Carmax showroom and test-drive their new vehicles.

By browsing www.carmax.com, buyers can get a feel of what their prospective vehicle is like. Buyers still in the research stage of their vehicle search would likely be elated to find that the website gives clear decriptions of each vehicle and clearly stated prices. The website offers hundreds of thousands of photos of vehicles that are updated as frequently as the stock is rotated. Also, buyers may transfer vehicles to their nearest Carmax location if their desired vehicle is in a different Carmax location. The site also allows users to research Carmax's claim that they offer free vehicle history reports through the company Carfax. And, if a visitor to the website wanted to find information on selling their car to Carmax, the website offfers information on this as well. The website's ease of navigation should be appealing to most shoppers.


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