www.GoogleMaps.com has maps api key android & localhost


Google maps is a website whose primary function is to provide maps to any location in the civilized world. However, google maps provides many more services than just maps. The most popular application of googlemaps.com is the turn by turn directions. A user can simply type the address of a current location and then the address of a destination and google maps will provide step by step directions to guide the user to where he or she is going.The site can provide walking, bicycling, bus and car directions. Directions can include routes that avoid tolls and highways if desired. Once a destination entered in and mapped the user can even view where he or she is going. “Street View” allows the user to see actual pictures of almost any location.

Maps that the user creates can be stored and shared. For example a person can enter in their home address, then enter in addresses of businesses, friends and relatives. The maps saved on www.googlemaps.com can be referenced very easily. This feature is especially helpful on vacations when multiple destinations need to be mapped.

Location options include live traffic conditions, satellite images of the location, pictures of attractions. and even videos of people who are currently in the area.The map also has wikipedia information on cities and towns, topographical or “terrain maps”, bicylcing routes and real estate listings in the area that has been selected. The site even has a social networking component called “Buzz.” People all over the country can comment on current and sporting events as well as just what they are doing in their present location.
Googlemaps.com is a site brimming over with information and options that goes way beyond maps!


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