www.MyTelus.com with webmail inbox login & phonebook reverse lookup

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Mytelus.com offers a fully customizable homepage that rivals the popular names taking over the web today. It focuses on Canada, something few sites do. For those living in Canada, it gives them something aimed directly at them, focusing on their needs.
The site is full of modules on just one page. One can reach their Telus webmail, hotmail account, or other e-mail. It also includes the Telus television services, allowing the user to access TV listings, and all of their other services. It also features local Canadian news, World news, Money, and Entertainment news. There is a section purely regarding the stock market, letting the user keep an eye on their stocks and search for what they own, or read up on what they wish they did.

The homepage includes widgets linked to popular sites. There is a Google searchbar, a YouTube video feed, and a Wikipedia search engine. These features allow the user access to the websites they frequently visit without ever leaving the homepage. Below the other news lies a Health news piece. It features a spotlight section, highlighting popular health news. There is even a drug search tab, allowing the user to obtain medication information on any drug on the market. In the conditions tab, the user can search by condition, helping them understand any diagnosis. Lets not forget the lottery tab, everyone who participates wants to check their numbers to see if they're the next big winner. No need to worry about leaving the homepage to seek out those numbers, they are featured right on the www.mytelus.com homepage.

That highlights just the homepage. There is a news tab, a movies tab, a music tab, a money tab, and a community tab. The community tab connects the user to many charities and causes effecting the local communities. The user can also send an SMS message directly from the homepage. Even a full phone book can be accessed from the home screen, allowing the user to find anything they need amongst their local community. Mytelus.com is everything a person could need lying in one convenient home page.


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