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ITunes.com/download is the official website for downloading the iTunes software package from Apple, the makers of iPod and the iPhone. The software is now currently running on the 10.4.1 version release from August 22, 2011. The download is absolutely free and used to sync between a variety of Apple products, however most of the content available through the program will cost users a small amount of money per item.

The software downloaded from this page can perform a variety of functions. Most commonly it is used to place purchased songs and albums into an Apple music playing device. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the music from it's source and dropping it into the devices tab on the main iTunes screen. The process revolutionized ease of transferring music files which helped make it become so popular. The iTunes store has a wide range of artists to download for as little as under a dollar a song, some independent artists also give away music through the software.

A more recent feature, the Apple Genius was released with the launch of iTunes version 8. The Apple Genius was bundled inside of the iTunes store which can be download for free on www.iTunes.com/download. Using a very massive amount of data on songs and artists, the Genius can be used to match users with other songs and artists that feature similar characteristics of their preferences.

Many Apple products require use of the iTunes software to even be used, making the download quite impossible to get around. The content management is considered to be the best available for Apple products at this point in time. At any rate, the iTunes store is a free download and does come bundled with neat features to make up for any of it's few limitations.


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