www.NetFile.gc.ca with access code online from the Revenue Agency


www.netfile.gc.ca is an official service of the Canada Revenue Agency. With netfile.gc.ca, you can submit your personal taxes and benefits online. Using one of the tax preparation software packages certified by the Candada Revenue Agency, you can submit your personal income taxes online for free. You must only use certified software and you will need to pay for the tax preparation software, but there is no cost to use Netfile.

There are many benefits to using Netfile. It is secure and confidential and often gives you a faster refund (Sometimes in as little as eight days if you use direct deposit). Using Netfile ensures greater accuracy as the returns do not need to be re-keyed. Also, using Netfile is environmentally friendly since there are no paper return to mail and often no receipts to mail.

Not all tax returns can be transmitted via Netfile. For instance, you cannot use it to transmit an amended tax return. You also cannot transmit tax returns for any year other than the current tax year, and you cannot transmit a tax return prepared for a third party. However, you can save a tax return for a third party and they can transmit it themselves.

Using Netfile is simple. Follow the instructions for your tax preparation software package to save your return in the .tax format. You can upload that file using the “Ready to file” link on the left hand side of the Netfile homepage. If you have changed your address recently, you can update it online. If not, you only need to give your Social Security Number, date of birth and four digit access code (provided by the website). From there, your tax return will be transmitted and processed online.