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The wait for affordable broadband for many Internet users in eastern Ontario has come to an end with this initial EOWC funded broadband application that delivers access to high-speed Internet, which is taking a giant leap forward in the area. Residents can now get a package offering up to 1.5 mbps on a 4g network for under $70.00 per month. The new network will deliver to broadband customers up to ten times more bandwidth than the 3G HSPA-enabled packages. The Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus Inc. (EOWC) is an organization that currently represents one million people or more, as well as a multitude of businesses across 11 Canadian counties and two single tier municipalities, which form Eastern Ontario.

Based in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Barrett Xplore Inc.'s innovative Xplornet Internet Services, Canada's largest rural broadband provider, is a Canadian Internet Search Provider (ISP) that uses the latest equipment from some of the world's leading technology companies. Xplornet currently provides broadband service to all of the territories and provinces in Canada, using two methods, fixed wireless and satellite, as its service delivery platforms, which serves to allow them to reach rural or very remote customers, all of whom might otherwise have to live without access to reasonably priced high-speed Internet where the only other alternative used to be dial-up.

If a potential customer wants to know if Xplornet Internet Service is available in their particular area, whether they reside in the city or in a rural community in Canada, they can go online to www.xplornet.com and enter their Canadian postal code to inquire as to availability and receive an immediate online determination. Beginning in 2012, 4g Xplornet Broadband will be available to virtually everyone, enabling customers to compete successfully in the global economic race and also to access fundamental educational services and vital government services.


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