www.WSIB.on.ca with registration forms and rates for Ontario


The workplace safety and insurance board of Ontario is striving to make the workplace safer for all Canadians. Their goal is to reduce accidents and the number of days that employees miss because of workplace injuries. WSIB is run entirely on the contributions from various employers throughout Canada. They have on fault workplace insurance for not only employers, but also their employees. Go to www.wsib.on.ca to find out more about this and other types of insurance for the workplace.

Another integral service that the wsib offers is monitoring the quality of healthcare that employees receive once that have been injured. The wsib ensures that when the employee returns to work that they are physically and mentally able to do so. They ensure that the return is safe and the employee is ready. At wsib.on.ca employees can also find out about earnings loss benefits, and healthcare coverage. These aid the employee to maintain their way of life while getting the best care possible.

Their website, www.wsib.on.ca even has all of the forms that employers and employees need to file with the board. These forms cover claiming loss of wages benefits, health coverage, and clearances to return for work. Everything that the employee or the employer needs is right there at the website. Peruse it for a full detailing of the coverages that are available, and how to get involved with the program.

Looking for a career that is fullfilling and lets you help people. WSUB is always looking for people who take pride in their job and want to be a service to others. Their site wsib.on.ca has links to job descriptions, the applications process, and applications for employment. Whether your expertise in in nursing, business administration, planning, or acquiring inventory, WSIB always has room for the best people. Go to www.wsib.on.ca to find out how you can become the best.


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