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VOCM is the broadcasting network for Newfoudland and Labrador. They have been bringing all the news and events to the region for more than 75 years. There are available iPhone applications that can keep all the news and entertainment updates right at your fingertips. Their site www.vocm.com offers a number of pictures and memorabilia of the past 75 years of broadcasting excellence.
Financial news and stock market updates are also found on vocm.com. Didn't have a chance to catch your favorites teams last game? Vocm has all the sports news right at your fingertips. Community awareness of charitable causes and fund raisers are also on www.vocm.com.

VOCM is celebrating their 75th year serving Newfoundland and Labrador. All types of memories and blogs are being posted on the site concerning their first 75 years of service. The site has many pictures and links to commemorate this event. Want to know more about the people behind the radio voices? Their site, www.vocm.com has a bio link that includes all their faculty. Find out the bio on all the personalties that entertain and inform you. Want to join the VOCM family? The site also has a link to career opportunities and applications.

Browsing the vocm page will also allow for finding out more about their particular shows and the personalities on them. Information on the morning show and open line and backtalk are all on the link. Simply go to www.vocm.com to all the information you need.
Concert information is also available on the VOCM site. They have a listing of all concerts and their venues. Dates and tour routes are also on vocm.clom. The broadcast you can depend on. That is their slogan, and what you can expect from them. Eye in the sky, up to date weather and traffic information, as well as everything you need for your entertainment.


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