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YTV.com is the online presence for Canadian television network YTV, which is dedicated to entertainment for children and teenagers. The site is a feature-rich, kid-friendly multimedia complement to the network. Visitors can find TV listings and information about current and upcoming programming, as well as streaming videos of full episodes of favorite shows. Those seeking a chance to appear on any of the network's reality programs can find audition dates and application information on the site.

The site features numerous interactive games, many inspired by popular YTV shows and characters, designed to sharpen the young player's math, reading and memory skills and coordination in a fun and engaging way. There are also contests to enter for chances to win cool prizes. Young artists are encouraged to submit fan art to the site's art gallery.

Kids can sign up for membership in the site's exclusive social network community, allowing access to e-mail newsletters, spots in high score records for the site's games, member profiles and a moderated message board to connect with other young fans. Members can also play with, and earn points to customize, their own virtual pet robot called a Sitekick. To safeguard YTV.com's members, these features are only available to those ages 6 to 18; access is disabled on a member's 19th birthday.

Adults are encouraged to consult the resources for parents at www.YTV.com to ensure their children have a positive experience at the site. The extensive Frequently Asked Questions address any possible usage issues or concerns parents may have about how their child's personal info is used when signing up for membership. Also available are tips for computer security, information on cyber-bullying, reasons for safeguarding personal information online, as well as other tools to help parents teach their children how to use the Internet safely and wisely.


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