www.Visions.ca with jobs and head office in Calgary and Toronto

TV Hifi Electronic

The visions.ca website presents a large selection of electronics that can be purchased online through the website www.visions.ca. When first reaching the website visions.ca the visitor sees a large menu of categorized electronics. The website has eight categories to choose from the top menu. Each selection from the top menu expands when clicked. The expansion reveals a more in depth selection to include electronic items that are relevant to the selection.

TV & video focuses on the sale of home theaters, cable boxes, TV wall mounts, satellite dish kits, DVD players, DVD recorders, and accessories. Home & audio appears to focus on similar items as TV & video. The difference between the two is that the latter lists speakers under the category. Cameras & camcorders on the menu expand the focus on digital cameras, and camcorders. Aforementioned in the previous paragraph the menu expanded cameras, and camcorders. Portable electronics is another area of the website concentrating on mp3 players, iPods, digital phones, and GPS devices or items similar in listing. Car audio / video expand more into the area offering audio and video components for cars. The supplier also sells computer related items such as: Netbooks, and modular devices.

The “careers” section is dedicated to filling the company needs. The company seeks to help individuals find suitable employment within the company. The “contact us” section does have a listing of each store phone number, the corresponding locale, and e-mail address to contact the company via www.visions.ca. The “store locator” presents the company’s physical locations while the “about us” section gives a small briefing about the company. There are more areas of the website www.visions.ca such as: a home install scheduler section, a section for commercial sales, a F.A.Q. section, a promotions section, privacy policy, and terms of usage.


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