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Telusmobility.com is the part of Telus.com that offers mobile services along with links to the other services that Telus offers. Telus mobility offers a lot of popular services and products such as the Motorola Xoom and the iPhone 4. This website offers plans for cell phones and smart phones that encompass voice and data. There are links to many of their popular phones and also to their newest tablet computers.

Telusmobility.com offers data plans for phone sand voice plans for phones. There are links to add on web browsing and messaging as well as packages for voice and data. There is a link to choose the desired calling services and applications. There are links to the newest offers and promotions from their companies. There are quick links near the top of the page that go to their page for mobile internet, BlackBerry updates, data plans for the iPad, rings tones, promotions and more.

Ther are also links to their other services such as home phone and home internet. Telusmobility.com is a branch of the national telecommunications company is Canada called Telus. This company offers data, internet services and broadband, video a mobile phone network and satellite TV. This company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia. These services are available in Canada and several other countries that are worldwide.

There are links near the bottom of the page that offer ways to buy online and switch to Telus mobile service. There are links to the privacy policy and service terms as well as ways to contact the company if there are problems. There are links to the special needs center and legal information. There is also a link to learn about Telus and other aspects of their company. Telusmobility.com has links to phones and plans.


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