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Anyone searching for news and gossip will find exactly that on www.sympatico.ca. Sort of a revolving door of the latest five stories rotates at the top of the page. Underneath that, readers will find the story that has earned the website’s distinction for being so noteworthy that it needs to be in the spotlight. Next to that, readers discover the three choices that are the editor’s picks. Under those two sections, several stories within the category of news, entertainment, sports and autos and lifestyle, are all waiting to be chosen by their perspective enthusiasts; there is something for everyone.

The ten most popular stories of the day will be found listed underneath the four categories of newsworthy events. If readers are looking for a little fun, they can answer the question of the day that is located on the right side of the most popular stories. For those who like to look at pictures of celebrities, they have the option of doing so underneath the two above-described sections in four separate photo galleries; these galleries have their own themes.

Moving up to the right side of the page, readers can investigate the weather conditions in their areas. Under that, the sympatico.ca website offers its long list of all of their site sections where readers who know exactly what they are looking for can jump ahead without having to navigate through the entire site. For those who are interested in what the American stock market is doing, beneath the list of site sections can be found the finance section with the indices and their numbers; they may read the news stories dedicated to financial matters here. As no website of this type would be complete without a horoscope section, readers will be sure to find one on www.sympatico.ca right beneath the financial section.


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