www.Quantum.ca with jobs in Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa

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Quantum, the human resources company, helps bring people together, those who need employment and those who need to fill their job positions. Both of these groups of people can visit www.quantum.ca to have their needs met. After applicants have been hired by Quantum, they are sent out on assignments, but they may have questions about what happens after they have accepted an assignment. They have the option of visiting the frequently asked questions tab under their very own link on the home page. Quantum employees will find that several of their questions are already answered in this section such as whether or not temporary employees are entitled to the company’s health insurance.

Employers who need people to staff their businesses come to quantum.ca for their needs, too. Under the “Employers” link, they will find several helpful services which they can have done for them. A lot goes into hiring new people. For example, sometimes a background check is necessary for certain jobs. If an employer has 10 or even 20 applicants to process, completing background checks can be a cumbersome project. This is one of many duties that Quantum can take over for employers and they can learn more about it on the website.

Quantum performs recruiting services for several different industries including engineering, health care and customer service. Employers can find out more about which people they will have the opportunity to hire by clicking on the “Specialties” link that leads them to a list of the positions for which Quantum hires. Employers have the choice of temporary workers if that is all they need, but they can also request a permanent worker to be assigned to their place of business. On Quantum’s website, they explain how they go about choosing the right candidate for the company, but if anyone has more questions, they can contact the company personally in either English or French.


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