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Religion Conventions

Jw.org is a website where Jehovah Witnesses can read publications of various materials including Watchtower and Awake. Registered users will find the publications not only come in a magazine type, but also in a study guide form to learn about things that they read and help the readers better understand. Books and brochures are available on the site in the form of an easy download. By clicking on what one wants to read, and in what language, an mp3 download will deliver the requested materials. The bible section of the website is a convenient way of learning specific areas of the bible. Readers may choose the chapter of the bible they want to read by selecting it on the drop down menu. Music and drama is another selection that may be of interest of those visiting the site.

One of the great features of the Jehovah Witness site is the sign language display for those who need an interpreter. All of the lessons, publications and materials have the convenience of the interpreter to use. As soon as one visits the website, the home page will have a listing of the newest materials. Returning visitors get to see the latest additions as soon as they arrive at the site.

Learn the bible at the pace you want to learn it and when you want to learn it. www.jw.org is a website that is full of information including how to find conventions in the local area. Take advantage of having all of the latest brochures and publications delivered in seconds. Look up scriptures in the bible section using the simple drop down menu and find all the things you want to know about the bible.


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