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Today's job market is competitive. Online resources end up being the front lines both for those looking to hire and those seeking a new opportunity. In keeping with this climate, Canada's Federal Public Service hosts an informative website where interested parties can learn more about working in public service.

Jobs.gc.ca is an online job resource sponsored by the Federal Public Service. On this site, a job seeker interested in exploring employment with the FPS can access loads of information, including job listings and frequently asked questions, as well as begin the application process by taking an entrance exam.

By going to www.jobs.gc.ca, a prospective employee can search over two hundred potential jobs based on areas of interest and geographic location. Also, the website provides information to students regarding internships, and to post-graduates about other opportunities with the Federal Service. By starting an online account at jobs.gc.ca, job seekers can fill out and submit an application and take an entrance exam, and then apply this application to their job opportunities of choice. The website offers support for those exploring opportunities online. There is a FAQ section, a help tab, and a contact tab if further assistance is needed. Also, jobs.gc.ca is formatted for both English and French speakers.

On a final note, the job seeker is presented with the benefits of a career in the FPS. Among other advantages, jobs.gc.ca cites continuing education and a strong sense of community as two selling points for a career in public service. If a person is asking whether the FPS is a good vocational fit, going to www.jobs.gc.ca just might help answer the question. At the very least, they'll get a better picture of the organization and what it offers.


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