www.eWay.ca with login page for business centre

Furniture Electronic

Www.eway.com offers a wide range of products for customers to look through. There are tabs that have quick links to take consumers straight to the product that they are searching for. For instance, if a customer is interested in purchasing kitchen equipment, all they have to do is click on the tab with break room supplies, and they can access the products they are looking for. The website has pictures for the items that they offer; therefore, the customer can look and determine whether the item they want to buy is suitable to their needs.

Eway.ca also offers vivid descriptions of their products so customers are able to easily find the products they want. The pricing of the products is also given on the site, if the product is available. Customers can do all their shopping for equipment here, as well as for the office too. Office supplies are sold on the website, such as printers, and printer ink. If a company feels they need to upgrade their office equipment, or buy new supplies, they can do so on the website. Also offered are environmentally-friendly products for the environmentally conscious; they can find green products on the website.

For frequent visitors, and even new visitors to the website, sign up to become regular customers of the website is possible. Customer information is securely kept and a login name and password is required when shopping. Contact information for customer care purposes is also provided on the site; should there be any problems, accessing their customer care number and getting ones predicament sorted out is possible on the site.


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