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Directcash.net is a renowned world class service provider when it comes to ATMs, debit terminals, prepaid cash and phone cards. With a well-built technological background and a strong team the services at www.directcash.net ooze convenience and quality services at all rimes. Our system allows our clients to use Visa and MasterCard networks which are safely guarded to avoid any insecurity issues. We have partnered with DirectCash Bank has enabled this process to run smoothly on high security and top of the art infrastructure resulting in high quality service.

Since we deal directly with DCBank there are no third parties involved in the money handling process which means that the transaction fees are relatively lower than the competitors. We are members of Interac which grants you access to your money at any point of sale as long as you have your pin number. With over 7000 ATMs in the country, directcash.net ensures that clients and customers have easy accessibility to their cash whenever they need it, wherever they are. Say goodbye to long queues because you can always find an ATM anywhere within the Country. Our ATMs are branded with the DCBank’s logo giving them that distinctive look and feel. You can also always be assured of assistance any time you call because they have 24/7 services.

If you are a prepaid dealer DirectCash gives you the opportunity to sell both long distance and cell-phone cards without having to pay for stock in hand. This gives an opportunity to the new merchants who can then start their business without any upfront stock cost which benefits the customer in that there are no extravagant medium fees thus making the transaction costs low.


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