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A person who can read French or who speaks it as one of his native languages will be more comfortable with the Desjardins website than someone who does not. Desjardins offers financial services throughout Quebec and Canada. When a user first visits the site, he is confronted with French and English options. Because the company is based in Quebec, the French options are to the left and the English options are to the right. For all of its multi-lingual capacity there is little a person can do on this website itself. The radio buttons simply take a person to another site controlled by Desjardins.

Although the user may find this particular shortcoming annoying, it is not the most important thing about the site. If a user clicks one of these buttons it will take him to the site he wanted to go to in the first place.Desjardins may be a Canadian bank, but like any other business in Canada it occasionally does business with people in the United States. A person coming from this country who does not want to sort through a language he may not understand should click on the United States link found on the Desjardins.com page.

The design flaws in the site are not overwhelming. The page is designed to be a portal that takes the user to exactly the services he needs. A person can find insurance information, credit union information and bank services information by clicking the radio button for his selection. He will be redirected to the appropriate selection in a few minutes. Patience is key.


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