www.CTV.ca has news for Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary


A person may unfamiliar with the various Canadian br4oadcasting networks may not realize what CTV.ca is at first glance. He may mistakenly assume that the site deals with news issues only. Of course, just because it does more than news, it does not mean a person should not refer to it as a valid news site. A person can keep up on national Canadian issues and international issues by visiting the site.

At the time of writing, the CTV.ca website displays advertising for the popular detective show Castle. Castle, starring Nathan Fillon has aired on both American and Canadian television. Fans of the cult series Firefly will recognize Fillon as the actor who played Captain Mal. Because the website is linked to a broadcasting company, a viewer can find recent episodes of his favorite shows. Links on the site point him in the direction of his favorite show’s websites, where he can watch the episodes of previous seasons, see cast clips and get behind the scenes looks at your favorite shows.

Because CTV.ca is also a news site, users can read editorials from columnists and entertainment pieces. Journalists and the unlucky journalism student still debate about whether these stories constitute actual news, but the public seems to like them nevertheless. No large site would be complete if it did not allow users the ability to comment on articles posted on the website. Visitors can also look around and look at the privacy policies and contact information. Sadly, the user cannot report news tips to the site, although there are other ways of doing so.


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