www.Census2011.net has jobs for Ontario and Toronto


Canada, like every other nation on Earth, conducts its own census periodically. The census workers collect demographic information on the Canadian population. As with the Census in other countries, this information is used to determine where and how government funds should be spent. Census2011.com, as with the last census, offers an option that earlier censuses did not. A Canadian with Internet access can go online and fill out the census rather than fill out the forms.

The questions often seem invasive, but the Census is required by law to ask these questions of each citizen. A person can check to see if his computer has the right equipment to fill out the census online. Of course, most modern computers already meet these requirements. Although there are people who own computers running MS-DOS, OS/2, the Amiga OS 3.0, they probably cannot connect to the Internet with these computers.

Filling out the census online is not the only thing a person can do on Census2011.com. As with the other census, the need to collect this information generates a number of additional jobs. A user with an Internet connection can apply for these jobs online. A viewer can also get information on genealogy, agriculture, and data from previous censuses.

If a reader speaks French and lives in Canada, as many Canadians do, he does not need to feel left out. As with many Canadian sites, the government maintains a version of the site in French. A search engine allows the visitor to find the exact information he is looking for without too much trouble.


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