www.YellowPages.co.za with maps for Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town


The site www.yellowpages.co.za is a site for anyone in South Africa who is looking to find and locate a business or service. If anyone wants to find a company that will provide them with certain services, this is the perfect site to go to. Users can either enter the name of the company, or the service requested, and they will be given a list of companies that match their search terms. For example, if users search the keyword 'furniture removal,' they will be given a list of companies that provide these services.
Once users find a company that interests them, yellowpages.co.za provides a number of ways to contact them. The name of the company, as well as the address is provided right away.

If that doesn't satisfy, users can email the company, make a free call to the company, and they can even press a link to go to the company's website. Yellowpages is a great way to find the contact information of a company who’s information is difficult to find elsewhere. Users can also read more information about a company as well, if they want to learn more about what the company offers. If users would like to recommend a company, they can press the link that is titled 'Share It!' There is also a button that will allow users to save the company for later access. This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to keep on looking for potentially better companies that provide better services.

If users are given too many results, they can easily narrow down their search by entering more information such as the desired serving area, keywords, business types, city/town, province, and more. There is also a feature where users can narrow down the search results based on the letter the company's name starts with. If users can't remember a company's full name, but they can remember what it started with and the services they provided, this is a superb way to rediscover that company. Yellowpages is a convenient site that can be used to find reputable companies easily without users having to spend time looking around themselves.