www.Labour.gov.za has departement forms in Cape Town


The Labor.gov.za website is the South African Department of Labour division website. This website has a substantial amount of information that is open to the public and provides information on the available services and current labor statistics. These services and information can help South Africans improve their knowledge ability in order to obtain employment in companies who have open employment positions to fill.

The labor decisions online services section offers informative data that can assist the public to better enhance themselves through public assistance programs. These programs include UIF online declarations, compensation fund status, employment equity reporting, SETA grant disbursements, and employment seeking services for the South African region. Through the offering of the services the South African Department of Labour plays a significant role in reducing unemployment rates through, controlling occurrences of poverty, and offering labor skill developments courses to enhance occupational education and improve chances of obtaining permanent employment. By doing this the department of labor and encourages people to continue education and improve learning through continual development.

The media section of this public website also offers informative news on current events on the subject of employment. These reports are a good source of information for the public to consider when making a decision to further their occupational skills. This can help unemployed persons guide to their attention to educational learning that will help them obtain employment in sectors that are actively seeking new employees. www.labour.gov.za also has a valuable section on the current vacancies that exist at the department of labor in South Africa. The public is encouraged to apply for these open positions.

Applicants will be selected based on employment experience and applicable education in addition to other requirements that are required by the South African Departments of Labour. Applications are free and are easy to download from this website. The department of labor encourages interested persons to submit a completed application was certified copies of their qualifications and a comprehensive resume.


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