www.Eskom.co.za has vacancies in Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN


Electricity plays a very huge role in life as most household and commercial equipment and items rely on it to function. It is true to say that it is one of the greatest inventions of all times. Without this energy, businesses and other activities are rendered useless and can even incur losses if the proper supply and maintenance is not available. This means therefore that the generation and supply of this important power needs to be consistent is it is to serve the intended goal. Several organization dealing with the generation and distribution of electricity have been developed in South Africa and other parts of the world to meet the demand.

One such enterprise in South Africa is Eskom which is owned by the state and is dedicated to the growth and development of different market aspirations through the production and distribution of electricity. It concentrates on residential and commercial supply of the essential commodity among other services that come with the demand for it. Eskom.co.za is the company’s site where all information regarding its operations, services and products can easily be viewed. The site has made is simple to get to know more about the company and the various programs it has in place for the good of the general public and for national growth.

Apart from giving all information about Eskom, the site also gives information on its investors and programs set in place to make the process easy and achievable. People who visit the site also get the chance to learn more about electricity and get the latest news about the commodity and the company on the media room available on the site. Both corporate and social investment programs are also highlighted as well as bulleting appertaining to the financial standings of the organization.

The site www.eskom.co.za also offers job seekers with a careers tab from which the latest job openings can be viewed and applied for. Other things offered by this site include customer services just in case there are any questions or concerns that need attention. It is possible to get any kind of help require from the site through this section as all contact information is offered for individual and companied to manage reaching the company.


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