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Computicket.co.za is the website of Computicket, a ticketing and travel firm owned by the South African company Shoprite Holdings, Ltd., the largest store chain in sub-Saharan Africa. It is an all purpose ticketing site for almost all public events in South Africa, as well as national and international travel.

Computickets provides access for many different kinds of public events, including musical concerts ranging from classical to pop, from symphony concerts to raves. The site also sells tickets for theatrical events, sporting events, trade and consumer shows, festivals, and others, including events and concerts targeted towards the Afrikaans-speaking population. The site provides for both individual and corporate booking. The site also offers an event planner for registered users, focused on music festivals. The planner allows ticket holders to plot out their entire time at the festival, providing a full schedule and information on whether separate tickets are needed for certain performances.

In addition to event ticketing, www.computicket.co.za also provides a variety of travel services, including airline and bus reservations and tickets, rental car reservations, and hotel accommodations. The site offers travel packages for cruises and tours worldwide. The site also includes an entertainment news ticker and a guide to Computicket kiosks, located in many Shoprite stores in South Africa. The site also includes links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and provides apps for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Providing such a wide range of options makes for a busy-looking site, but after adjusting to the large amount of information available on the main page navigation is fairly easy. Events can be searched for by keyword, event type, region of the country, or date. FAQs are provided for all aspects of the ticketing process, including information on access for the handicapped. Computicket also provides a quarterly event guide, available for download in PDF format, that lists major upcoming events.


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