www.Seek.com.au has jobs in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra


Seek.com.au, started in 1998, is Australia's largest and most popular site for finding jobs or employees down under. They employ anywhere from 200-500 people at any given time, and they average over 22,000 unique visitors each month. Their current page rank is eight, and they are becoming the website to visit when looking for employment options for job seekers in Australia.

www.seek.com.au offers lots of ways to find many different types of jobs. Entry-level positions are abundant, as are higher-paying options. They have a number of different filters to help refine searches, ranging from salary minimums and maximums, locations, and keyword-driven searches. Seekers can also choose to limit the results of their search to specific job categories, like call centers or real estate positions. They can further refine search results by choosing sub-categories, allowing job hunters with more specific experience to quickly and easily find positions they are qualified for without digging through many pages of unhelpful results. The main search page offers other services as well, like a tab just for executive positions that pay 100k or more per year.

Though the main purpose of the site is helping individuals find jobs or recruit professionals, they also offer a number of resources to make finding the right job easier. Seek.com.au offers a variety of tools to help prospective job hunters in Australia keep track of what jobs they have already applied for, tips on submitting resumes and applications, and a section devoted to various ways of maximizing their chances of landing their desired job, as well as other helpful tips and tricks.

Upon registering with the site, users are given a special Jobmail account, where prospective employers can request interviews or ask for further details, and seekers can keep up to date on the latest listings that interest them. For those wishing to improve their marketability and experience, seek.com.au offers additional links to seeklearning, a site that offers occupational courses to create new skills or hone existing ones.


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