www.JobSearch.gov.au has jobs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

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Australia Jobsearch, which can be accessed on the site www.jobsearch.gov.au, is a service that is beneficial for fresh out of college graduates, employers looking to hire experienced and professional employees, and people who have lost their jobs, whether recently or years ago, and are looking for a new one. This website has many tools developed to make a user’s experience finding a job the best one possible.

It is recommended by the site that you register first, yet it is not mandatory. Registration is only Monday through Friday, or business days, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm AEST. On Saturdays, registration is available from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm AEST, while on Sunday, registration is closed. All the other features provided are available at anytime during the week. When registering, it is required that users provide information that is, to their knowledge, completely valid. If this rule is broken, action will be taken against the person. Once the user registers, he or she is allowed to upload three resumes, manage their applications, and develop a job match profile.

There are an abundance of jobs available for all people in each state of Australia. The amount of jobs in total for all states combined is almost always over ten thousand. On the homepage of jobsearch.gov.au, users will find themselves on the page where they can search for jobs immediately. All they must do is enter a keyword for the type of job they want or a postcode if he or she wishes to search for the jobs available in their area. Then they enter their region and their occupation to be able to apply to possibility hundreds of jobs. On the homepage, they can also select an option for either advanced search or new jobs posted.

For employers, they can use this site in order to find employees for free instead of spending money to advertise. These employers are given a tool to monitor applications and they can even find employees instead of the employees coming to them. Australia Jobsearch is a widely used site for individuals looking for contact with employers and businesses looking to gain contact with employees.


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