www.FamilyAssist.gov.au with locations and office online service

Government Service

Information and assistance can be found on assistfamily.gov.au. The website has laid out many useful features and assistance with filing a claim. Assistfamily.gov.au is methodically laid out almost every option available under headers and sub-titles. If there is a situation which still requires person to person interaction, under the 'contact us' tab, multiple numbers and addresses have been given with a easy-to-use and understand format.

Claims can be filed on-line, in the comfort of your own home or office. Some of the claims which can be submitted via the website, www.assistfamily.gov.au, are Parental Leave Pay, Baby Bonus, Maternity Immunization Allowance, Family Tax Benefit or Child Care Benefit for a dependent child. Status checks and claim information can also be otained by going to the 'online service' tab and scrolling down. Other options for assistance are available under this header.

On the right hand portion of the home page, quick links are available. The helpful knowledge of what the laws are concerning the assistance you are requesting can be obtained under the manual sub-title. Social Security, Family Assistance and Paid Parental Leave manuals are all available for educational purposes. Another link is to Child Care related information. Under this sub-title one could find information such as, how much could I get, who qualifies for the assistance, what rebate may be available and many other frequently-asked-questions or F.A.Q.'s.

In the 'What's New' tab a comprehensive schedule is available for viewing. Changes or enhancements to existing laws which may affect any program offered are on display under this section. Programs such as blood drive which may be scheduled are showing. If anyone is interested in participating, click on the hypertext to receive more information about registering or involvement.

Centrelink, a partner in this website, gives a stamp of security for any personal information used while on this site. Centrelink has a quick link which opens to their main page, featured other options for assistance programs available, how to obtain help, as well as, sme answers to questions not featured on the assistfamily.gov.au website.


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