www.PaddlePop.com.au has lick a prize elemagika codes


The Australian Streets Paddle Pop company has come up with a team of exciting and adventurous characters who share their adventures through this website with interactive online activities for children and adults alike. Paddlepop.com.au is a fun filled world to stories of magical stories which provide gateways to unlock a variety of prizes that will provide hours of fun and entertainment for times to come in the future.

This interactive online website is a great place to take those collected Paddle Pop Popsicle stick codes and turn them into points for great prizes. The price this section showcases a variety of prices to choose from such as a shot blast super soaker, JD bug scooter, mega vortex howler, a pair of awesome walkie-talkies, and a supply of 2 million Paddle Pops. There are also weekly drawing was held for the super cool prize of a portable Nintendo DSI and system. In addition, if users do not have collected Paddle Pop stick codes, they can look for codes that are hidden in Paddle Pop television commercials.

This online interactive site also offers a variety of other activities to engage in such as the adventures in the world of Elemagika. Paddle Pop enthusiasts can watch wonderfully animated episodes of the Paddle Pop main characters as they venture through Elemagika to make it into the hidden realm and rescue the elemental spirits. Website visitors will also be able to play great online Elemagika games such as Lava Surf, Cloud Lands, Underwater Adventure, and Rockanyon. As players accomplish game object is by beating each game level, they will be able to unlock new and exciting levels and experience the fun provided by each challenging land.

Website visitors can easily register for the website through the e-mail account that is used for their personal Facebook account. Registered users can also become fans of the world of Elemagika and share their game and appoint accumulation accomplishments with other users worldwide. Aside from being a fun interactive website this website also provides great information to children about fire safety.


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