www.IMMI.gov.au has contacts forms for american students

Government Visa

WWW.IMMI.GOV.AU is a comprehensive website sponsored by the Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Citizenship and is an extremely useful tool for anyone who may be required to obtain a visa or citizenship. There are many kinds of visas available to workers, migrant workers, visitors, students, employers and refugees. Utilizing the straightforward and accessible ‘Finding a Visa Wizard’ will assist any interested party in acquiring the proper visa for their specific purpose.

In addition to a plethora of information covering visiting and/or working in Australia this website also contains a full array of downloadable information including forms and pamphlets about beginning a life in Australia, a brilliant and extremely interesting step-by-step guide and introduction on how to successfully transition to a life in Australia with helpful information about local customs and society, emergency services, how to apply for a drivers license and tax number to the fun, yet useful, ‘Common Australian expressions. Under the citizenship tab on the homepage you will be able to read about becoming a full-fledged Australian Citizen. As there are a variety of visas available in Australia there are even more classes of Citizenship. The Citizenship Wizard will take you step-by-step through the citizenship process; guiding you to the correct classification and will provide you with the appropriate paperwork required. A study guide is also provided with many translated versions available for your review.

The Media page offers information and resources including Press Releases, Newsroom and Publications that can provide useful information to applicants. Plus, up-to-the-minute information concerning current weather conditions, travel warnings and restrictions.
One of the most interesting topics covered on the website is “Managing Australia’s Borders.” This section provides a clear and concise variety of information concerning travel requirements and the facilities and government departments responsible for keep Australian borders safe and its visitors, visa holders and citizens protected. IMMI.Gov.Au is a one-stop-resource providing all information and necessary tools to acquire a visa, citizenship and additional useful information about Australia.


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