www.LNNTE-DNCL.gc.ca is Canada’s National Do Not Call List

Wireless VoIP

Canada’s National Do Not Call List is housed at www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca. The site allows visitors to register a wireless, fax, or voice over IP (VoIP) number on the National Do Not Call List. From the site’s main page, visitors can also check the status of their registration, de-register telephone numbers, and complain about telemarketing calls they receive once they are listed on the Do Not Call List.

The registration page offers a brief explanation of the National Do Not Call List. It also has instructions on how to register a number. The bottom of the page provides a field for visitors to enter the number(s) they wish to have added to the Do Not Call List. The status page features a similar field. Visitors can enter numbers they have recently registered into the field to see whether or not the registration is complete. Both tasks are automated and can be easily completed from the site’s designated pages.

Removing a number from the Do Not Call List is more complicated than adding one to the list. There is not an online option that allows you to remove yourself from the Do Not Call List. Instead, you must call one of the numbers given on the site if you wish to have your number taken out of the directory. Should you have other questions about the Do Not Call List, the site has a Frequently Asked Questions page. The page provides answers to a number of common questions. It also provides the proper telephone numbers to call with further questions.

Another useful feature found on lnnte-dncl.gc.ca is the list of information about the process of filing a complaint. If telemarketers violate the National Do Not Call List rules, you can report them. The website explains the process of filing a complaint and offers instructions for doing so. While there is not presently a way to begin the complaint process online, the site provides visitors with contact telephone numbers that lead to the proper authorities.


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