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Sainsburys.co.uk is the website of one of the United Kingdom's leading supermarket chains. One of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom, Sainbury's first opened for business in 1869 with a single store in London. Since then it has opened stores all over the country and has expanded into online shopping. Through the Sainsbury's website customers can have access to the entire range of services that the company now provides.Besides groceries, users of the website can purchase car insurance, buy foreign currency and even secure a financial loan. They can also buy a range of other products including games consoles, household furniture and sports equipment. All products purchased are also available for home delivery, saving the customer even more time.

Customers visiting www.sainsburys.co.uk will discover that there is more to the website than e-commerce. There is also a cooking section featuring recipes, tips and cooking ideas accompanied by instructional videos. The Sainsbury's magazine can also be found at the website and customers can order their copies online or see some of the features in the latest issue.

The Sainsbury's company is committed to Fairtrade products and to doing their share to help the environment. Detailed information on what the company does in regards to these topics is also on their website. One of the world's biggest retailers of Fairtrade products, Sainsbury's operates the Fair Development Fund in association with Comic Relief. The fund gives financial support to Fairtrade initiatives all over the globe and these efforts are illustrated upon the website. Sainsbury's also supports many local environmental causes and operates an online electronics recycling program through sainsburys.co.uk. This program encourages customers to recycle their old electronic items such as mobile phones and mp3 players in exchange for cash.


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