www.Univision.com with deportes liga mexicana and republica deportiva


The website www.univision.com is an Internet source for all things related to Univision Spanish International Network. Univision is a major Spanish television programming channel, holding the largest audience of Spanish-speaking TV viewers. Univision.com is the online representation of the television channel. The site, which is entirely in Spanish, was launched in 2000 and is administered by Univision Communications Incorporated. It hosts a large number of web features. These features range from programming schedules, to news, music, videos,horoscopes, and musical artist profiles. Univision.com is the number one Spanish language website among United States Hispanics for the sevent year in a row. Univison.com was also the first Spanish website to be accredited by the Media Research Center. The website has renewed this credit each year since it was received in 2005, and continues to hold it to this day.

Aside from entertainment purposes, the site also contains a very large amount of information on a wide variety of topics. For example, the website holds articles on news about controversial issues such as deportation and immigration, technology, automotive, and cooking. The site also lists a variety of services including dating, real estate, new and used cars, consumer reports, maps, ringtones, legal, and employment. It is because of strategic partnerships that Univision.com is able to offer such a large variety of services. Theses services are supported by partnerships with Google, CNET, Auto Trader,Match.com, and the NFL. Univision.com has striven to make these services widely available to the United States and Puerto Rico consumer demographics that they serve.

One of the most popular aspects of the site is the integrated social networking feature. Through Univsion.com, user can share photos, videos, messages, and chat in both English and Spanish. Univision.com's social networking makes up the largest online Hispanic networking community. This is made evident in the large number of forums that can be found on the site, which hold large amounts of user generated content.

Because Univision.com is the most popular website among the Puerto Rican and Hispanic American demographics, it also contains one of the most convenient website features that is held by most popular websites - mobile access. Univision.com can be accessed on the go from mobile phones via Univision Móvil. While this version of the website contains less graphical content, it still offers most of the website's main features including downloadable content and video streaming.


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