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A ReliaCard is a service offered by US Bank that allows those on select public assistance programs to purchase products anywhere debit cards are accepted. The ReliaCard service allows participants of public assistance programs in 15 separate states to put their benefits on a card that can be used to make purchases in stores or online. After going to www.reliacard.com, the participant is asked to set up an account. The website provides a comprehensive list of the states and the specific public assistance programs that participate in the ReliaCard product. After the account is set up, the participant can then request that funds be transferred to the ReliaCard account. Once the ReliaCard is received and activated, it can be used anywhere debit cards are used.

The Reliacard.com program can help participants shop for clothes, food, pay for medical appointments, put gas in the car and pay for prescription medication. It reduces the hassle of having to find a participating retailer that accepts the specific assistance program because the ReliaCard is a standard debit card. Another helpful feature of the ReliaCard is that it can be used to pay bills over the Internet or telephone. Since it is a prepaid debit card, it can be easily used to help make paying bills more convenient.

Setting up a ReliaCard account is accomplished by using the company’s secure website. At almost every step there is encryption and security questions and procedures used to protect the participant. Once the account is set up, the participant can then use their public assistance account number to draw funds into the ReliaCard program. Once the funds have been transferred, the card is ready to be used. Any consumer that is hesitant about signing up for a service on the Internet is invited to use the Reliacard.com’s strong authentication enrollment process. This is a service that offers additional layers of protection and encryption designed to protect the consumer’s account and personal information.

Some of the additional services offered by the ReliaCard website are a Spanish language portal, and the ability to retrieve a lost password. Participants are encouraged to change their password on a regular basis to add more protection to their account and personal information. The website also offers links to public assistance websites that participants can use to find out more information about their claim, and get their questions answered accurately.


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