www.Regions.com is the bank with locations in Texas, Houston and Florida


People that have accounts with Regions have the ability to check their accounts online. The Regions website gives customers the ability to check their checking and savings accounts online. These options give customers the ability to see detailed information on the status of transactions that are pending, and customers also have the option to check credits and debits that have been processed. Customers can check transactions for last week or last year by adjusting the date on the dynamic Regions calendar.
This website gives users the ability to change their account nicknames, and it also gives registered users the ability to reorder checks. The site gives users the added advantage of setting up bill pay online. This feature gives customers the ability to setup automatic reoccurring payments to various companies.

Customers also have the ability to manage the transfers between different accounts. Anyone with more than one account can set transfers from one account to another on a weekly or month basis for extended amounts of time. The site also gives users the ability to manage their debit cards and earn points while shopping online. The Regions website alerts users to checkout different sites that offer cash back on purchases that are made using the debit card. These are some of the features that are available for personal checking and savings account customers, but the site also caters to the needs of small business owners, homeowners, and student loan customers. The customers that have these accounts also have the ability to view balances and check transactions online.

The website also gives them the opportunity to order and customize their debit cards. The site offers various contact methods for problems that cannot be addressed through the website. The Regions website gives customers an opportunity to find the nearest Regions bank location as well. Customers are not the only ones that benefit from the Regions website. There is also a link available for job seekers that are want to apply for a position within the Regions corporation. The site gives information on what positions are available and how you can apply for various positions. The Regions site also give users the ability to view the different descriptions of the accounts that are available. This covers a wide range of accounts that include checking, savings, money market, and IRA accounts. The various web links that are listed on the site give users a wide range of directions to explore on the Regions website.


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