www.Qwest.com with dex white pages Denver, Omaha, Seattle, Phoenix


When you want fast and accurate information about Qwest then the place to go is www.qwest.com. Once this website pops up you will have access to all the information you will need. The first page on the site shows the company’s current offerings in a clear and understandable manner. Qwest are excited about offering fast internet connections with speeds up to 40Mbps, and this is featured along with other bundles in a prominent changing banner. Other Qwest services, DIRECTV, Phone and Verizon Wireless are also clearly shown and each choice you make pilots you quickly to explanation pages that outline the possible choices in more detail. Each page is clearly laid out and is easy to understand although the multiplicity of the services offered takes time to explore.
The site does offer an ‘Account Review’ tool however so that once you have decided on the services you want in your package you can check this out and make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Another featured service is ‘Moving Home’ making it easy to transfer your existing services to a new address and even change the make-up of your services at the same time. If you are not already a customer then you can pre-plan and organize the services you require for your new home. For internet users a nice package of backup, security and support is provided and these can be upgraded for a small extra charge. You get Norton Anti-Virus for 5 PC's which should be great for most households and with the upgraded service you can have a massive 50 GB of files stored safely online.

The home page, MyQwest, has lots of links for news and sports etc. and links to popular sites like Facebook and of course to your own account allowing you to keep track of your finances. MyQwest has links to free games, movie listings and lots of interesting links to inform and entertain. You can personalize MyQwest to your own tastes and of course set up e-mail. You have 11 accounts you can set up and use which is enough for most families. All in all qwest.com is a site that is easy to navigate and provides lots of information about the services available. It also makes a great center for your Internet experience as well as giving you information and control over your entire media package.


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