www.QuestDiagnostics.com with online and telephon appointment scheduling


The web site developed for Quest Diagnostics is an informative site for potential patients. The site includes webinars, faq’s, and other educational information designed to keep citizens informed about personal testing in addition to important information like locations and health plan services. The web site is easy to navigate. The simple format provides access to various benefits of Quest Diagnostics including links to featured lab tests, appointment setting and cancellation, and getting results to diagnostics tests the client may have had done at a local facility. Understanding the tests, how they are administered, and what the benefits are of each test can be obtained by a click of the mouse.

Physicians and patients can visit the web site and gain valuable information about new tests that are being provided for different maladies or symptoms. Thanks to secure logins to patient information the general public is not able to access confidential information. Each client is given professional respect for their own privacy. Employers can contact Quest through the web site when they have drug screening requirements for employees or OSHA questions involving employees.

Clinical test research is even available through Quest Diagnostics. A client can request to be a member of a clinical trial that corresponds to any symptoms they may suffer from. Checking often will enable a potential test participant to find a trial that they are eligible for. Study participants will be able to log in and gain up to date reports on the findings of the research as it is continuing.

Visiting the Quest Diagnostics web site enables citizens and potential patients a format providing information available from the comfort of home. Accreditation and corporate information is as easy to find as medical and diagnostic information. This all-inclusive web site is open to the public without any login necessary. The only difficulty that I found when navigating through the web site was when searching for a location to pay for diagnostic tests that were performed. It does provide secure modules that are specific to physicians or to Quest clients by using login ID’s. Organization stability of Quest Diagnostics can be found as easily as finding out how clients can also stay healthy. The Quest Diagnostics web site is also available for Spanish speaking members of the community. The medical health and well being of all citizens is being aided by communicating with those who may struggle with English.


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