www.ProxyVote.com the inland plus proxy voting system

Post Service

Proxyvote.com takes the hassle out of completing your proxy vote, addressing the envelope, buying postage and then heading to the Post Office to mail your vote. At www.proxyvote.com, you can cast your proxy vote online without worrying whether the mail in version made it there on time or at all. The www.proxyvote.com is easy to navigate. First thing you will notice is a easy to find box that ask for you to enter your control number. You will find this on your Proxy Vote ballot. Just enter this code and you will be taken further into the website so you can cast your vote. It makes voting really simple.

Before you cast your vote at Proxyvote.com, you can click on the Vote Instruction Form link to bring up a sample ballot. The sample ballot has highlighted where the Control Number is located. This feature is another reason why casting your proxy vote is not difficult. Next to the vote instruction form link is another link titled Proxy Card. When you click on this link it brings up another sample of a proxy card with the control numbers circled. Proxyvote.com website is very user friendly.

You may have received notification of your proxy voting by email. If this is the case, you can click on the email notification link. It will bring up a sample email with the control number circle. Just use this number to enter the control number to cast your vote. In addition to the email notification link, Proxyvote.com includes Notice of Internet Availability link. Your control number is located on this notification as well. Both links takes the confusion out of trying to find your control number.

If you are an investor from the United States, you can click the here link to be taken to Proxyvote.com Shareholder education website. Here you will find additional information pertaining to the U.S. investors and their proxy vote. Your rights as an investor are explained to you at this website. There is educational information on voting your proxy. Proxyvote.com website also includes a link to the Security Exchange Commission’s proxy voting website. At the SEC’s website, you can find more information regarding your rights as an investor, educational material regarding proxy voting and why as an investor you should do so. If you have any questions regarding your proxy vote, you should visit this site before entering your control number.